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A Bridge Too Far

See my earlier posts concerning my attempt to link the Internet to 4 buildings with a bridge using 4 WAP54G's.


 Linksys Support person emailed me with:

"I am afraid 4 WAP54G will not be able to configure" [... as a bridge].


That seems to be the case for me. I can bridge 3 WAP54G OK, but WAP54G 4 will not connect. I switched unit 4 for unit 3 [set up correctly this time] and no joy.


I have set up unit 4 as an access point and plugged it in to unit 3 as a temporary fix, but it is not very satisfactory as it depends on a USB dongle on the furthest PC [2 double-skinned concrete block walls between the dongle and the AP].


Any ideas? 

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Re: A Bridge Too Far


    Dont' use bridge, but rather client/access mode... Its what I do to extend it out to the back yard, then out to the neighbours.

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