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Accessing Router Admin through ZoneAlarm

I am having problems accessing the Linksys router Administration menu through ZoneAlarm.  When I access the site ( with ZoneAlarm running I am missing the menu options on the top and left side.  When I shutdown Zone Alarm The menu options are displayed.  I have tried making it a trusted site; giving it full access under privacy; setting Program Control off, and more. I am unable to find exactly what ZoneAlarm setting I need to set to allow the Administration site to display properly with the Firewall running.
Model: WRT54GS v6
Firmware v 1.50.8
Has anyone else experiences this problem and found a solution.  I am very uncomfortable shutting down my Firewall while connected to the network; even though the time I am exposed is limited.
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Re: Accessing Router Admin through ZoneAlarm


zonealarm is blocking 3rd party cookies.
if you restore zonealarm and click on the
privacy item on the left.

What is your setting for cookie control on the
"main" tab? I had to turn my off. I used to have
it on medium. If you clicked on the "site list"
tab you'll see, zonealarm block 3rd party
cookies and private headers. I tried manually to enable those
just for but that didn't work. I have to turn
the block of all cookies off. not sure why.
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Re: Accessing Router Admin through ZoneAlarm

There is no other alternative to it as the firewall has to disabled in order to allow you to access the router completely.