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Can i Use a Cisco 1200ap to repeat a Linksys WRT54G

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I currently have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router set up, and have weak signals in parts of my upstairs..
I have a few Cisco 1200 ap's that i got from a previous job, and i know they can operate in repeater mode, i have had them set up to repeat each other and worked great, however, im trying to set up a 1200ap, to repeate the linksys wrt54g

Can anyone help me on this,, ive tried a few things, but keep hitting a brick wall...

any help would be awsome



P.S The Cisco 1200 AP, is running IOS Firmware NOT The old VxWorks

I cannot recall the IOS Version right now since i am at work, and the AP's are at home, but it is defitnly, running IOS


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Re: Can i Use a Cisco 1200ap to repeat a Linksys WRT54G

To Configure your Cisco Ap with the Linksys router you need to make sure that the AP and the Linksys Router IP address are in the same range and you need to match the Wireless Settings of your Linksys Router to the AP and then to make your Cisco Ap work in a Repeater mode you need to input the Wireless MAC address of the Linksys Router.


To find out the Wireless MAC address of the Router, you need to login to the Router setup page and then click on the tab "Status" and below you need to click on the sub tab "Wireless" and note down the Wireless MAC address and on your AP you need to input the same MAC address while settings up your AP in the bridge Mode.