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Configuring WAP200

Newbie Question I'm trying to access the WAP200 for the first time. Instructions say Configure your PC to have the static IP address on the same subnet as the Access Point's default address ( So I assumed i would go to TCP/IP properties and type in IP address and subnet mask and the Utility would open...... It doesn't what am I doing wrong here.....I know it is something simple??? Look forward to your comments. GARY
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Re: Configuring WAP200

Assuming your AP has an IP of then set the IP of your client to
No DNS or gateway need to be set.

Then open up the web browser on your client and in the address bar type in and press enter, then you should be presented with a login screen.

Provided the password hasn't been changed then leave the user: blank and the password should be admin


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Registered: ‎09-17-2008

Re: Configuring WAP200

Fred Z Thanks finally got into the GUI or Utility. GARY
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Re: Configuring WAP200