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Help with Wet54G and printer!



I bought a wet54g because i was told i could reach my needs.


This is basicly what i want to do: I have a brother mfc 620cn(printer) that i want to make wireless, so all pc's on the network can use it.

I have a wireless routher a WRT54GS that provides wireless and wired internetshare to the clients.


This is what i think i need to do: Connect the wet54g to the network(im not sure how though), and configure the device via. the setup, and then connect it to the printer's lan and it should work.

But the setup fails, it says it cannont locate a wwireless ethernet brigde on my network, so im currently lost.


Any help will be appreciated.



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Re: Help with Wet54G and printer!

WET54G will not work with your Printer, It is used to expand your Network. To make your Printer work on all the computers wired/ wireless you need to go for a Wireless Print Server (WPSM54G) that will solve your need.
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Re: Help with Wet54G and printer!

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Thanks for your help, i just ordered one of these, and will reply back as soon as i get it working.

The description of the wet54g does seem a little misleading.


Connect any Ethernet-equipped device to a high-speed Wireless-G Network.

The versatile Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge can make any wired Ethernet-equipped device a part of your wireless network. At home, use the Bridge to connect game consoles, set-top boxes, or computers to your Wireless-G network and its shared high-speed Internet connection. In the office, convert your Ethernet-wired printer, scanner, camera, notebook or desktop into a wireless networked device.


Or am i reading it wrong?


Anyway what matters is the problem will soon be solved, and everyone will be happy Smiley Happy

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Re: Help with Wet54G and printer!

As far as i can tell, the printserver you suggested is working perfectly, i already configured it to work wirelessly with 2 pc's.

So thaks a lot for the help Smiley Surprised)