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How to find encryption code

I am a Windows XP user and I misplaced my encryption code or WEP code that allows me to access my wireless internet.  I have wireless all throughout my home, and I recently bought a new computer, and in order for it to connect, I need the encryption/WEP code.  Could someone tell me where I can find this code on my main computer/access point? Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: How to find encryption code

you can check what is your network key if your going to access the set up page of the router. check your ip ad first by opening your command prompt.... you have to click start go to run then on the open field type in cmd then press enter then on the blinking cursor type in ipconfig take note of your default gateway. then you have to open a browser... clear everything on the address bar and type in the default gateway which you have take note of....if it would ask you to type a username and password just leave the username blank and type admin for the pw.... if you are already on the set-up page of the router you have to go to wireless tab thats located on the black area then below that there's a purple area you have to look for wireless security.... it would show you there what's your security mode.... if your security mode is set to wep you have to take note the characters under key 1 or if your security mode is set to wpa you have to take note the charcters under wpa pre shared key or passphrase..... hope this would help!!!
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Re: How to find encryption code

To get WEP key, connect your computer to one of the four ports on router using ethernet cable.

Open setup page of router by typing in browsers address bar, and use password as "admin" and no user name. Use your password if you have changed it earlier.........


Go to wireless tab.......

Go to wireless security sub-tab......

Here note down wep key number 1. This will be your network key which you have to use on your wireless computers.



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Re: How to find encryption code

I did what you suggested, but once in the set-up page I did not see the wireless tab. The tabs were as follows: Setup-Password-Status-DHCP-Log-Security-Help-Advanced. I know I must be missing something. Thanks.