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How to get Access Points IP address

I can't seem to locate a Linksys wireless router/access point's IP address.  I did not set up the network, but here is how it is setup and things I have tried:
There are several layer 3 switches with VLANs configured and several servers, one of which does DHCP.  My client had a wireless access point installed with DHCP disabled and a static IP address given (no one has a clue as to what this is) the other default settings are still in place and no security measures are setup. 
Here is the problem, I need to access it to set up security, but without an IP address I can't.  It is connected through one LAN port to a switch which eventually goes to the server and then out to a cable modem for internet.  No connection is made through the WAN port, so it is acting only as a wireless access point, nothing else.
I can connect to the wireless access point, receive my IP address from the DHCP server (10.5.0.X).  There is also a 192.168.x.x network that routes in and 10.3.0.x, 10.4.0.x - DHCP handles all of that and the layer 3 switches route everything as it needs to be.  I have tried all the defaults (,, etc.) with no luck, and ran several different LAN scanning programs, and can pick up everything from printers to phones, but not this AP.
I have used 'nslookup', 'route print',  '\\linksys' and http://linksys, no luck.  My defualt gateway points to a layer 3 switch.  I tried to cable connect to the Linksys AP and disconnect from the switch, however, with no DHCP I can't and not knowing what the IP address is, can't statically assign one that is in the same subnet.  I have tried connecting crossover cable to the switch from the WAN port on AP, but AP doesn't work, tried with straight cable, still doesn't work.
I know I could reset the thing, but the client is hesitant since he said the person who set it up had problems getting it to work and knows changes were made before it finally worked. 
Any help or ideas how to locate this things IP address would be greatly appreciated!!
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Re: How to get Access Points IP address

First of, what Linksys model wireless access point is it?
Honestly, my suggestion would be to reset it to factory defaults. That is the fastest way to get this issue under control.
Since you didn't mention a model number, I'm not sure what problems you could possibly run into by doing that. It only takes me 5 minutes to re-configure an access point from scratch. Assuming you know what you're doing, it shouldn't take long to get it back up and running. Since you are adding security, people will be off anyway until you re-configured them.
If you post the model number of the device, I might be able to hint at possible issues.