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Multiple Access Points

I need more than one access point to cover my space. I'd like my usres to see the coverage as seamless. If I put them on the same SSID, same WEP key, and different channels, will that do the job? With Liknsys PCI WiFi cards and software, the access points appear to be distinct, requiring separate profiles, each with their on WEP key, even if identical.
This must have been covered before in this forum, but I can't find it.
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Re: Multiple Access Points

I would like to know how to set this up also.
I have a WRT54g, with 3 WAP54g's hardwired to it.
I would like the WRT54g to handle all the encryption and access, with the WAP54g being used like a "remote antenna".
I do NOT want the WAP's being used as repeaters/bridges to each other.

Right now I have the WAP's all set up equally with the same SSID's and WEP keys, but have a problem with users moving between WAP's, they get disconnected for a moment. I think they are re-authenticating to the new WAP?

Anyone know how to set this up? Or is it not possible?
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Re: Multiple Access Points

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You can setup all the AP's having the same SSID : Channel : encryption [using the same algorithm].
Then, the wireless client will show only one SSID and would require only one authentication.  
However, you will face a second or two disconnection as the network is being refreshed, well the disconnections problem can be resolved if the AP's are set in a repeater mode.
For eg: 
When you go to a hotspot, you will not be disconnected provided you move around, thats because the AP's are setup in repeater mode.  

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Re: Multiple Access Points

I'm having the same problem, connected wireless clients will experience 1-2 seconds disconnection. I have one WRT54G connected to 2 WAP54G in AP Mode. I understand to configure the APs as Repeaters I need to enter an MAC address for another AP. All of my APs are hard wired to the network. I have contact Techinal Support and the tech person had me change the Channel to 11 as well as Beacon Interval to 50; Fragmentation Threshold to 2300 and RTS Threshold also to 2300. The interensting fact is that the tech person only had me do this at the WRT54G and not on the APs. Any idea this is the correct way to solve this problem?
Thank you for any help.
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Re: Multiple Access Points

set 1 device as access point as your wireless signal starting point and set the others to repeater modes.