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Ping Fails??

I'm trying to connect my WRE54G to boost the signal coming from my WRT300N. Linksys Tech Support talked me through to the point where I was able to access the page for the router (, the 300n) and check the settings there, but when I tried to connect to the page for the range expander (, it failed.
The set-up I had: router connected to cable, works fine; xp latop to port 1 on the router, works fine; range expander to port 2 on the router, light registers as on but won't connect!
The Tech Support guy said that I may have my firewall up, but its disabled. He also said that I could have some anti-virus running like Norton or McAfee or whatnot, but I don't. =/
When I run cmd and ping, connection times out. I also cannot get to the web page of the same address. But the internet works fine! I really need this range expander to work, so the computer upstairs can get a better signal... right now it only gets 4~8 Mbps, which is bad. Smiley Sad
Is there anything else I can do that might solve the problem... aside from using a different computer to set up and ping everything. Thats what Tech Support suggested, but I dont have another one that I can use, besides lugging the desktop downstairs... which defeats the purpose of the rang expander... Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: Ping Fails??

Try hard resetting range expander for 1 minute, then try to ping it, it might start replying.
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Re: Ping Fails??

VERY ODD!  The IP address  is mine!
Is it possible to have 2 the same?
I also can't get it to ping nor as an URL...all fails.
I need it to work to remote view secruity cameras at our company...
please help with this strange situation anyone who has an idea...
Thanks in advance,. John
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Re: Ping Fails??

Too Yang

heres something i found for you. i know its a bit late. you probably have it fixed by now. but maybe you are like myself, checking your post till you get an answer, if you got it fixed you would reply to you post. anyway. here it goes: ((also, they haven't made any range expanders for the N series. but you can do a few tricks to make it work with one.))


WRE54G Does work with a WRT300N router!
First of all the computer or laptop MUST be hardwired to the router.
Second, the WRE54G MUST also be hard wired to the router.
Then, reset the WRE54GN by pressing the reset button for at least 30 seconds. (You probably get a blue and red steady light....that is fine). Hopefully, if all goes right, this will allow you to now communicate with the WRE54G. (Auto Configuration is not possible).
Now to test this: Go into your start menu and click on "Run" and type in the command "CMD"....This will give you a DOS prompt window. Now type in "Ping" (this is the preset IP Address of the WRE54G.) At this point you will get several lines of numbers and stuff...ignore everything except at the bottom where it says's "Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 0% loss>. If this is the case then you are looking good!

Now, open a web browser and type in and wait for the Linksys page to come up from your WRE54G.....when/if this does come up then you have won the battle!
Next, and this is also VERY IMPORTANT. In the configuration of your WRE54G the SSID MUST be the same as your router!!!! Otherwise they will not communicate with each other. Also the channels should be the same. Now click on "save setting", and it this time or shortly there after you should have 2 blue lights on your WRE54G. At this time you can unplug it and place it anywhere in your house!

Please note: at the time of all this configuration my security on my router was disabled and later also on my expander.
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Re: Ping Fails??

hard to understand what you just wrote Jdulaney, but i will try as best as i can.

"VERY ODD! The IP address is mine!

Is it possible to have 2 the same?"

we have two different kind of addresses. internal and external. the ip address is a local address, and its a standard address that is on a WRE54G model and other products. so yes its possible for someone else to have the same local IP Address as you.

if i misunderstood your question i am truly sorry. and would ask for you to formulate yourself better.

"I also can't get it to ping nor as an URL...all fails.
I need it to work to remote view secruity cameras at our company...

please help with this strange situation anyone who has an idea...

Thanks in advance,. John"

very little to work on there John. did you turn off your firewall? also i want you to do a ipconfig /all in cmd, let me know what it says.
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Re: Ping Fails??

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