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WAP11 setup trouble

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I am having trouble connecting my WAP11 to my desktop computer. I have connected the AP to a Netgear 5-port Ethernet switch, and then have connected another cable from the switch to my wired Sprint router and one to my desktop computer. The "Link" button on the WAP is on, and my Netgear switch recognizes that it is connected to something. When I run the setup CD, all I get it "A Wireless Access Point cannot be found". It has worked once after many resets and unplugs. Any suggestions?
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Re: WAP11 setup trouble is what you can try .....assign a static IP to your PC first....
to do so...from the control panel , go to network connections....right click on the local area connection and select properties...highlight "internet protocol TCP/IP" and hit "use the following IP address" or "specify an IP address" ...and input IP as subnet gateway say OK....
hardwire the AP direct to the the setup disc and see if it detects the AP.....once it does , configure the AP as per your requirement ......once done you can remove the static IP from the PC and hook up the AP to the switch once again Smiley Happy
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Re: WAP11 setup trouble

Those are all great suggestions, but how am I suppossed to hardwire the AP to my PC?