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WAP54G IP DHCP problem

I have a LinkSys WAP54G Wireless Access Point version 3.1 on an office network. I am having problems when trying to connect to our server with a notebook computer through this access point. The notebook will not obtain a valid IP address. It obtains I need it to be The network was installed and configured, including the access point, in Oct 2007 and worked fine until just recently. The problem is with all notebooks that try to connect to our server. These same notebooks work fine on home/other wireless networks. Also, these same notbooks can obtain a valid IP and connect to our server with a wired connection. I can access the Access Point over the network from any desktop in the building. A firmware upgrade was also performed to try to correct the problem. I'm including the WAP54G settings below.


Static IP

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:


Mode: Mixed

Channel: 1 - 2.412GHz

SSID Broadcast: Enabled

Current Encryption: WEP


Security Mode: WEP

Encryption: 40 /64-bit

Passphase: [null]

Key1: [as assigned]

Key2: [null]

Key3: [null]

Key4: [null]

TX Key: 1


Wireless MAC Filter: Disabled


Authentication Type: Open System

Basic Rates: Default

Transmission Rates: Auto

CTS Protection Mode: Auto

Frame Burst Mode: Enabled

Antenna Selection: Diversity

Beacon Interval: 50

DTIM Interval: 3

Fragmentation Threshold: 2306

TRS Threshold: 2306


SNMP: Disabled


Any assitance is greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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Re: WAP54G IP DHCP problem

I assume is the IP of your Gateway including DHCP server.


If so then upgrade the firmware to 3.04.03 then reset the WAP54G and reconfigure it.





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Re: WAP54G IP DHCP problem

Try to reset and reconfigure the Acess Point...If that doesnot resolve the problem then,upgrade the firmware of WAP54G.

You will get the firmware from the website

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Re: WAP54G IP DHCP problem

you can manually set the IP address in alternate configuration when the IP address can't be obtained from your server .