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WAP54GPE wireless Bridge

I have 2 WAP54GPE's setup as a wireless bridge between 2 buildings and it works great exept that I lose comunication with the one unit every 7-10 days. The switch it is connected to shows the unit as connected and I can ping the unit from the wireless side but I loose the wired sides connection. It takes some doing to get the connection up and going but when it does connect it works flawlessly for 7-10 days again before cthe cycle starts over. My network is set up as follows.
Server --> 100ft wire --> Switch -->100fe wire--> WAP54GPE <-wireless bridge-> WAP54GPE -->switch --> 2 PC's
Any suggestions on why I loose the wired side connection??
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Re: WAP54GPE wireless Bridge

I have seen this same symptom in a switch but never in a WAP54G.  In the switch it was a faulty regulator that was collapsing under thermal load as the switch became more loaded. As per you description the switch showed all connections as being correct.  The LAN connection on your WAP54G may be suffering something similar.  Then again, have you changed the wires connecting the WAP54G to the switch?  These can go faulty and show strange symptoms.






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Re: WAP54GPE wireless Bridge

The strange thing is that the switch, WAP54GPE and cable are all new (August 2007). I feel if it were a cable issue I would not get any connectivity. The switch does also connect another PC to the network with no problems. How do I check the regulator on the WAP54GPE??
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Re: WAP54GPE wireless Bridge

it seems that you are using 100ft cable for both the connection...... that may be the cause for loosing connection .....
For checking the regulations in the access point observe the wireless connection status .....