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WAP54GX W/ Vista

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We(my place of employment) have an access point (wap54gx) hooked up to our router. It works fine for our windows xp laptops. We just bought 3 new laptops that came with Vista and they can see the connection, but can't connect.
We tried getting rid of every bit of security on the access point so it was totally open, it still wouldn't connect (gives an error saying no response from the access point).
Okay, so we figure it must be Vista being annoying. I took my new laptop home and it worked no problem with my d-link wireless router at home. We also had no problem connecting to the unsecured networks near work(just not ours).
We are contemplating getting rid of this one and just buying another. It's not really worth too much effort (since they're pretty cheap), but I don't like to waste money when it's not necessary so I'd really appreciate some advice/tips to try.
Thanks to anyone that helps (and/or tries to help)
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Re: WAP54GX W/ Vista

try adding the wireless network settings manually on the vista computers...and check whether it does any good...
also , try reflashing / upgrading the firmware of the WAP54GX ....
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Re: WAP54GX W/ Vista

Well I figured it out. We hadn't used the XP laptops for a couple days on the AP before testing the new Vista ones.
I tried everything I could to get the laptops connected, changed every setting. Then I tried unplugging and replugging the AP, didn't work. So I thought for a second and I pressed the reset button on the AP and voila!
It worked... for about 2 minutes, then it cut out again. I didn't think that it would have done that in the couple days between last xp use and the vista use.
So we're going to try to get our hardware supplier to replace/exchange it (for a different one hopefully as this one seems to have lots of problems).
Just thought I'd share what ended up being the problem. Totally not what I thought, but I got it in the end Smiley Tongue