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WAP610N Loosing Wireless Connection


I  had the WAP610N for a few months with no issues.  As always, I have a custom SSID and password, using WPA2.  All of a sudden, none of my mobile units (at least 5) are unable to connect via the WAP610N.  However, I can connect to a Netgear N750 w/o any issues.  When I reboot the WAP610N, it resolves the issue for a few minutes, but then behaves the same as before.  I know its not my network because, I am able to connect via wired and wireless via the Netgear.  I verified via the web interface that none of the settings/configurations have changed - but still nothing.

Latest firmware has been applied.  Note sure If I should perform a factory reset or re-apply the firmware.

Any help would be appreciated.......Thx

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Re: WAP610N Loosing Wireless Connection

I think you should re flash the firmware .

After re flashing the firmware reset WAP610N and reconfigure it .



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Re: WAP610N Loosing Wireless Connection

I'm more or less having the same problem. However, only in a certain situation. I've two Windows PC's and a few smartphones working with the WAP160N.

The third PC is an Apple iBook. All this worked fine, until Windows was installed as an OS on the iBook. Since then, when the iBook is in the network, connections are lost, although the AP itself (based on the leds) still seems  to work. After a couple of minutes, connections are back again (without any reset), to be broken again a minute of five later. And this keeps going on.

Firmware is the latest (1.0.02).

Any idea what's causing this?