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WAP610N-channel problem

I set up the channel manually but when I disconnect from AP the channel is changed. That's why before next connecting I Have to restart my AP and the channel is back to correct value. What Can I do??

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Re: WAP610N-channel problem

Well in this case try to reset the Access point once, here is to step to reset the Access Point:

Press and hold the Reset button of your access point for 30 seconds.  Once the access point is reset, perform a powercycle.  Unplug the access point's power cable and wait for 30 seconds then plug it back in.  Wait for the access point’s lights to appear solid.

NOTE:  Make sure to press and hold the Reset button properly.  The lights on the access point should be blinking while you are holding the Reset button.

After the successful reset of the WAP610N you have configure the Access Point once again. To set up the WAP610N, you need to do the following:

i.    Connect the access point to the router

ii.   Obtain the IP address of the access point

iii.  Access the access point’s web-based setup page

iv.  Set the IP address of the access point

v.   Configure the wireless settings of the access point


Here is the link to configure the Access Point: -