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WAP610n static ip address issue

When trying to configure WAP610n to use static ip instead of dhcp:


ip address:

subnet mask:

default gw:


results in the error "The Subnet Mask is illegal".


Same error for subnet masks,


My firmware is 1.0.00, I used the 832 build in the support area as well. 

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Re: WAP610n static ip address issue

As 10.x.x. is Class A IP address and the subnet which you are using is a Class C, So that's the reason the AP is not allowing you to make that changes on it. Let your AP work in a DHCP Mode and you computers connecting to the AP will be able to go online.
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Re: WAP610n static ip address issue

The class of a network is determined by the subnet mask given.  While it is true that the entire 10.x.x.x (class A) network is reserved for private use, there is no reason that I might not have a segmented 10-dot-network and desire this wireless access point to sit on a smaller-than-class-A subnet within it.  In fact, this is the case.  If Linksys thinks that it is appropiate or even acceptable to require any network whose first octet is ten to have a specific subnet (of or anything else) I think that Cisco should reconsider their purchase of Linksys.  I am a Cisco fan and am running a fairly large network of medium complexity using various vendors, with Cisco at all the key nodes.  I have never encountered such nonsense as this.  I will certainly avoid purchasing this 'Linksys by CIsco' crap in the future.  Now all I have to do is explain to my customer why the equipment I recommended is unusable.
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Re: WAP610n static ip address issue

Seriously, what is the solution? I need to set a static address and no matter what, the web admin page says my subnet mask is illegal. In my case, I'm happy with ANY subnet mask. I just have one private network, not connected to any other network and my network has NO network infrastructure, i.e. no DHCP server. I can connect the WAP to a different network to configure it, but it will not let me set a static address.


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Re: WAP610n static ip address issue

And what IP and subnet mask do you try to use???
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Re: WAP610n static ip address issue

I have a similar issue, trying to use a ip for a client device and trying to use a mask I get the illegal subnet mask also. But even if I change the mask to I get the same message.  I am trying to brows my network to locate a shared drive on anther WIN 7 machine on the same workgroup. I f I plug in to the network I can access the drive, but when I disconnect the cable and try to access the drive via the wirless router (wap610n) I can only borwse the internet. The laptop gets an ip address of with a mask of and a gateway of  I have thought this may be related to not entering DNS numbers for the cable router, but was thinking that DNS should be passed as a result of this being in DHCP mode.....


Ok, so any thoughts here ?