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cannot login to wap4410n

I am unable to connect to my wap4410n for initial configuration. i have tried with ac power connected directly to a pc and opening a browser and entering the ip address. Following this nothing happens exept the browser tries to connect to a google site. I have reset the Access point back to factory default but still withouth any success.


Any suggestions much appreciated.

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Re: cannot login to wap4410n

When your access point is connected to a computer, the computer should be assigned a static ip address, Providing Static IP on computer :

Click on the Start button >>> Settings >>> Control Panel >>>Network
Connections- Right click on the icon for Local area connection and go to properties- On the 'General' tab select 'Internet Protocol TCP/IP' and click on the Properties button- Select 'Use the following IP address'- Provide IP Address - Subnet Mask - Default Gateway - and click on O.K wherever applicanle...Now try to access your Access Point set-up...If it does not open just leave the default gateway empty and retry...
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Re: cannot login to wap4410n

try not using      try using a ip address like   or .103   my  router issue to my acces point  (wap4410n)  and i did not know that so after a half day trying to get to the access point to set it up i look at every computer in the house wrote down ip addresses and  and .101 was used   .102 was not used so i tryed that and it worked. So when i got to the access point i set up as a statis ip so it would keep it.

works good now.  Ross P. Rock

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Re: cannot login to wap4410n

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You may need to go into your network settings and turn of DHCP, and enter your IP address and subnet mask Manually. (anything except, Subnet


Additionally, if you are using Mac OSX, ensure you are using FIrefox and not Safari.  For whatever reason Safari will not allow you to login even with the correct details.

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Re: cannot login to wap4410n

“These products are being handled by the Cisco Small Business Support Community. (URL:”