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cannot reset WAP54G v3.1

this thing is brand new. i'm trying to factory reset holding down the reset button for 1min+ and the lights never blink. when i power on the AP all i get is the power light and the link light. no Act light. i was trying to configure this thing with static a dhcp address but something went wrong. but that doesn't matter because i should still be able to factory reset this thing no matter what! if the firmware is corrupted, then how can i upload a new firmware if the thing can't even get on the network??? what should i do??
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Re: cannot reset WAP54G v3.1

If the Act light won't turn on without anything else connected to the AP then it is faulty.

Return it for repair/replacement.

You may won't to check the reset switch itself. We have had several units where if you pressed the reset button at all it jammed under the case and stayed in. This would cause the AP to fail on startup and the Act light won't turn on.


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Re: cannot reset WAP54G v3.1

This is hard ware issue you may have to replace the device.