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Antenna HGA7S on WAG354G

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Does anyone know if there is any problem in connecting the antenna HGA7S on router WAG354G? According to User's Manual, the only model compatible to this router is the HGA5S but it is not sold in my country anymore. Apparently, there wouldn't be any problem as I guess the impedance should be the same for both antenna models, the only difference being the isotropic gain. Has anyone already tried it?
Thank you in advance!
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Re: Antenna HGA7S on WAG354G

if the WAG354G uses an SMA type connector..then the HGA7S should certainly work fine with the router..the only difference between the HGA5S and HGA7S is the earlier has a 5dbi gain and the later has 7dbi gain ..... 
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Re: Antenna HGA7S on WAG354G

I have a wrt54g ver6 here and use the high gain antennas (HGA7T) and the antenna stand (AS2TNC), this combo works great, if you need to bump your signal up some they are well worth it.