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I am running a website on my home server and set it up so it can be used from the internet. Only thing is if i try to go to the adress of my internet connection it doesnt show anything.
things ive tried:
-use proxy
directs me to my original ip , but shows me the modem login screen.
-visit from a friends pc
time out while resolving server
It seems the modem wont pass on the incomming connection on port 80 and blocks all unknown clients.
How can i fix it that my modem will just simply pass the incomming request forward?
I know my server is running (can visit it from all pc's in the network)
My router is also passing on all command to this machine.
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The ADSL2MUE does not have any specific settings that would directly connect you to the Home Server, hence when you try to connect using the original ip it connects you to the modem.
Also there are no other features like port forwarding or triggering available so that you can directly hit the server.
You can access the server only within your network.
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I'm having a similiar problem, except that I'm trying to host a game for a friend and I to play. I'm using the same device and the game server only appears on my lan.

Is there no way around the problem? So far I've been very happy with the modem and I'd hate to have to return it for an alternative now.