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AG241 GRE packets

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I'm trying to enable a VPN connection with my AG241 DSL2 modem.

VPN passthrough is enabled, port 1723 is forwared to the server, server has a static IP and VPN is being accepted.


If i reset my AG241 it will work for about 2 day's after that it won't work anymore, and i have to factory reset the AG241.


I see in the loggings of the server that the connection is there but due to the lack of the GRE packets the connection is not finalized.

I've tried to find out how i can enable this GRE protocol but it's not possible within the linksys modem,  i've checked with a friend of mine who uses a linksys accespoint/cable router who is having the same problem, in his loggings also the same message, no GRE packets.

I have tested this with several computers but to no avail.


I've borrowd a siemens speedstream5450 and with that one everything works, i can even forward the GRE packets, but i'd like it to work with my own DSL modem ( AG241 annex A ) and ofc my friend would like it to work aswel on his cable/dsl router ( BEFSX41 )

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Re: AG241 GRE packets

On Linksys you will not find an option to change the GRE packets, so its better u can try updateing the Firmware of your AG241.
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Re: AG241 GRE packets

it has the latest firmware in there.
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Re: AG241 GRE packets

So does anyone have any kind of solution for this? Or should i buy another brand?