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AG241 problem

I have serious problems with my new AG241 v2.
I this ADSL modem to be bridge without NAT and firewall for few PC´s and one xbox.

These are only settings that allow internet to one PC but no others:
Encapsulation: RFC 1483 Bridged
VCI 100
DSL Modulation: G.dmt

IP settings:
Obtain an IP Address Automatically

Local DHCP Server:

Advanced routing:
NAT = enabled (I do´nt want NAT but if it is disabled I ca´nt use internet)

Now only one PC gains IP and others dont.
My old Nokia M1122 did job just good but it was slow as hell and I do´nt want to take it back to use.
Please somebody help me.
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Re: AG241 problem

hi....the reason that only one PC is going online may be due to the following...
a:- the DHCP of the router has been maybe only one PC is getting an IP address
b:- the PC that is able to go online , does it have a static IP address ?
c:- is it the first PC that comes on that goes online , or is it just the once PC that goes online...
post these details and i'll tell u what to do next Smiley Happy
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Re: AG241 problem

A. Correct
B. No I have Dynamic Public IP adress, exactly 5 of them.
C. PC gets online everytime when I activate AG241´s NAT or internal DHCP.

So looks like that AG241 cannot pass those IP´s from my ISP´s DHCP to other devices when configured as bridge.
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Re: AG241 problem

No more help?
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Re: AG241 problem

Hi, I am also having problem with an AG241v2 and can't use it in Bridge mode only. 

If it is setup in RFC1483 routed mode everything works fine. I have a static IP adress with a DSL line.

But when I switch to Bridge only mode the gateway status is DOWN.

don't have idea if it is correct or not ?