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AG300 Freezing and not responding

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Hi, I have 2 x AG300 set up in 2 different small offices with two different ISPs.


Settings on the AG300 are very similar with DHCP dissabled, QoS enabled per ethernet port (1 set to high, the others to low). Both have an array of single ports and port ranges mapped to different IPs for services and VoIP.


After a number of hours operating, the AG300s are freezing and not responding. When I power cycle them they work fine. They're both brand new, however they were purchased approx 1 month apart.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: AG300 Freezing and not responding

I've just downgraded from firmware version 1.01.01 which came on the unit, to 1.01.00 which is the latest available online, and hopefully this will sort the issue.


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Re: AG300 Freezing and not responding

As you have Downgraded the Firmware remember that after any firmware downgrade/upgrade, you must reset the Gateway to factory defaults, then setup the Gateway again from scratch.  If you have not done this since your last firmware upgrade, please do this now and see if it corrects your problem...

To reset the Gateway press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your Gateway, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable...Now re-configure your it...
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Re: AG300 Freezing and not responding

It seems that the problem with the AG300 is there seems to be no fix.


After contacting Linksys, the only resolution is to downgrade the device.


The problem is due to a memory leak, where the device continually consumes the memory until there is none left. Hence the LAN freezing.


This can be seen in the logs over time. (The memory allocation will decrease over time for no reason. (you can even have the LAN unplugged and still it consumes memory.))


Downgrading the device from 1.01.01 to 1.01.00, and then factory default setting the device, does not fix this problem.

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Re: AG300 Freezing and not responding

After a few false starts talking to numskull 1st level support at linksys, I got someone who realised right away that the unit was faulty.


DOA and replaced it and the new unit runs 24x7 with no problems (new firmware).


The 2nd unit that was purchased at the same time that I was worried about has been stable and is working well (also 24x7).