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AG300 - QoS Setup

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I've tried setting up QoS for a VoIP ATA that is connected to the Linksys AG300, however it does not seem to work. I only have 1 PVC, and the ATA is connected to a switch that is in turn connected to Port 1 on the AG300. Which option am I best to use (considering that there also computers connected to that switch and Port 1).


Am I able to select PVC 1 as "High", then "Edit list of QoS Settings" and enter the AG300's IP in the destination IP field, and the ATA's WAN IP in the source IP field and mark the priority as "High". Will this work?



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Re: AG300 - QoS Setup

I think you just need to Input the IP address of your ATA VOIP device on the AG300 setup page, and i think this will work.  YOu dont need to input the WAN IP address, You need to Input the ATA LAN IP under the setup page.