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AG300 Router problems!!

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We were using a Linksys AG300 4 port ADSL 2+ router at work, but recently we have had problems. We had problems such as websites totally inaccessable, the internet dying out completely and connections to websites failing continually. Are there any firmware upgrades that would solve these problems? Or would I need a new router, I have my own personal Linksys AG241 router in replacement temproarily while we find a AG241 to purchase or fix this one. Any recommendations? Thanks

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Re: AG300 Router problems!!

hi , there is a firmware upgrade available on .. try upgrading the firmware...after the upgrade , reset and reconfigure the gateway and check whether it works or not ..
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Re: AG300 Router problems!!

my router has the latest firmware same thing internet connectivity but all the lights are flashing as normal on the AG300. but the AG300 is unpingable.


I have noticed if you remove uPNP and  MTU size it seems to work a bit....instead of my AG300 going offline after 1 will go offline after 3-4days.


im still getting into contact with the linksys live chat to get this sorted out Smiley Sad