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AG310 voice problem

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Hi There,


I have an AG310 voice router and I'm currently having issues with voice. It has been working fine for months but voice has recently stopped functioning however the Internet is still accessible.

The voice status light indicates it is on and then off (duration 3-5 secs), this continually loops and while doing so it makes a clicking noise. Does anyone know how this is resolved. I have contacted the ISP and there is no issue and I've power cycled the device and reset to no avail.



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Re: AG310 voice problem

I think it's not an ISP concern because the problem that you're experiencing has something to do with the Voice . I would suggest contacting your VoIP provider instead. Thanks.

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Re: AG310 voice problem - common fault?


Here in Australia my AG310 behaved exactly the same - working perfectly for about two months, then losing the voice section with the clicking. This clicking is the failover relay switching in and out continously. It also re-booted automatically at power-up instead of the usual push-button sequence. I suspect there is a partial fault in its internal power supply and could be rectified by a good technician with a schematic diagram. My unit was still under warranty but could not be replaced because it has been withdrawn from sale here. They didn't try to fix it either, but sent me two boxes; AG300 and PAP2T which is far below what I had before. I had been very pleased with my all-in-one-box solution but I am not pleased now. I hope this company will come up with an improved version of the AG310 because it reduced clutter on the desk as well as being highly configurable.  

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Re: AG310 voice problem - common fault?

I'm in New Zealand and have exactly the same problem with my AG310.  Rang Linksys Technical support and the only advice they could give was to hardware reset the device...which needless to say did nothing.  How do i go about getting linksys to replace my AG310, to be honest i dont really mind if its two boxes as long as it works??
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Re: AG310 voice problem - common fault?

Same problem here. (Australia) My AG310 worked perfectly for months then one day the Voip section just cacked it. Every time I made a call or received a call, my modem redialed, then continually redialled... I disabled the voice settings and the modem works fine, but have had to borrow a voip phone just so I can make and receive calls. So much for the all-in one-solution.