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AM300 with BEFSR41 v4

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My apologies but I am quite new in this.

I have a DSL Modem (AM300) and a Router (BEFSR41 v4).

I have no problem connecting to internet via the DSL Modem (AM300) by physcial hard wiring. This setup is using PPoA.

However, my problem start when I cannot get my internet connection once I plug it through the router.

My setup is Modem wire out to Internet port of Router. Computer connected to Port 1.

What settings do I need to set for my Modem and my Router.

Greatly apprecaited. Thanks.

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Re: AM300 with BEFSR41 v4

well...what ip address are u getting from the modem ?? and if the ISP requires the PPPoA to be configured on the BEFSR41 too , i don't think it can support it...because there is no such option in the router's web interface for setting up PPPoA...u can only enable PPPoE which is for the DSL a better solution in your case would be to go for an ADSL router rather...
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Re: AM300 with BEFSR41 v4

I can use PPoE also.