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Ag241 Router

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I am trying to set up a vpn tunnel on my AG241 router but not having too much luck. I am not on a static ip, i sort of get the feeling that as long as i know the current external ip address i should be able to get through to my xp machine with the shares on it.
When i check the vpn log it seems to show a connection, but that is as far as it goes.
As a precaution i have turned the firewall off, and told the router to accept a connection from any ip address.
Still no luck
Any help out there.Smiley Sad
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Re: Ag241 Router

What kind of VPN are u trying to establish??
is it a client to your gateway or a gateway to gateway??
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Re: Ag241 Router

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Hi i'm having about the same problem,


This is due to the fact that this modem doesn't route the GRE packets ( protocol47) i could extrapelate that from my server. ( a Windows 2003 )

I also posted a message because of this.


I tried it also with another dsl modem inwich i can seperatly forward this protocol, and then everything works like a charm. ( yes VPN passthrough was enabled in the AG241 and port 1723 is forwarded to a my server with a static IP )

I can see the connection comming in also the handshake ( username password checking ) is correct, but due to the lack of GRE packets the connection is terminated.

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Re: Ag241 Router

Is there any solution to this, or should I buy another brand?
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Re: Ag241 Router

Hello! I have AG241 Gateway. I have a problems last 2 months. When my gateway connect on internet DSL light is stady green and Internet light is flashing green, but after a week internet light become stady green without flashing,DSL light is stady green and i cant go on internet. I must then turn off device with switch on the rear side off device and then ag241 connect on internet. Firmware is latest. I dont know why this is happening. Can you please help me to slove this anoing problem.thanks
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Re: Ag241 Router

I had trouble with Router AG241v2, I want to use ADSL and IPTV at the same time, but i can't add two configurations. If i config for ADSL, i can't config for IPTV. Can't config to use ADSL & IPTV? How can i do it? Anybody help me? Please email . Thanks!!!

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Re: Ag241 Router

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i have tow ag241 routers. and yep, ive seen similar problem.  i find when i repower the ag241 it often fails to connect to adsl a lot of times too. after repowering i have to do a firmware reboot via the web gui which sometimes helps.

and if u think thats bad...wait til ur LAN ports blow up! its a KNOWN problem EXCEPT to linksys support staff Smiley Happy seems to be a design defect. if u plug ethernet devices such as other switches etc into the ag241 the port can fail. the light on the port wont even come on!! i could never work out what was happening. thought i was just old age (3years old) til one day i repowered a ethernet hub (not switch) which was daisy chained into the ag241. promply blew up another one of the 4 ports!!! oh well, i have ONE working port left  on one unit and two on the other Smiley Happy



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rRe: Ag241 Router

sometimes i need to restart my router when it lost connection ( i cannot access maybe the router too old and tired work 24hours/day ? or i shared my connection to too many PC