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Firmware Compile Help

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I have a Linksys router, WAG200G and have requested the source code from GPL center. I have attempted to compile it following the instructions on readme file. I have used a ubuntu (latest version) for that purpose. I get a bunch of errors which of course would be useful  to post them here. Do I need to install any components to my ubuntu to be able to compile? (I have asked on ubuntu help desks and they told me to ask here because it has nothing to do with ubuntu, they said I am missing a component) I have requested for help from the live support guy but he told me to call the support center something I can't afford. Any solutions?  

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Re: Firmware Compile Help

Yes, actually, there are some pre-reqs you need to install and compile before compiling the firmware itself. These are called "toolchain".


There should be some README files explaining what you need to install. You need the cross-compiler tools to generate ARM code on x86/x64 machines, and some of those tools are very outdated versions, requiring some googling to find them. After this toolchain is ready, then you can go to the firmware itself.


I did this for my WAG120N, even added telnet support, but turned out I've never installed this custom firmware because a) source code was for a quite old release and 2) I got afraid of messing things up and I could not find out how to ress my device in case of failure.


Good luck.

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Re: Firmware Compile Help

Could you please be more specific on the tools because all the things the readme says about toolchain is: 


/wag200g-gpl/toolchain/toolchain.tgz TI compile toolchain
/wag200g-gpl/toolchain/7zip Compile utility tool
/wag200g-gpl/toolchain/ Compile utility library

/wag200g-gpl/toolchain/toolchain.tgz TI compile toolchain                                         /wag200g-gpl/toolchain/7zip Compile utility tool                                         /wag200g-gpl/toolchain/ Compile utility library




And than it gives me instructions on how to CD and Make.