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Please help me, no dial tone(no outgoing/incoming call) for my phone, but Internet working properly.

I am using Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway ( Model No: WAG354G ).
The problem that I encountered is that my Internet is working perfectly, however, my telephone cannot be used (no dial tone, no outgoing/incoming calls). The telephone line is connected from the phone to the DSL Filter and to the socket on the wall. I have used a splitter, one for the telephone, the other telephone line is connected to the modem router. Even if I used wired for my Internet, the telephone still hit the same problem.
I have installed the modem that my Internet service provider provided to me. The internet and the telephone worked properly. I have not changed the splitter or phone during the installation.  
I have called my Internet service provider, but they refer me to Linksys. I have called Linksys, however, I was told to call my Internet service provider.
Is it because my configuration was done incorrectly? I have configured it with the staff of Linksys over the phone. Please advise. Thank You.
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kwik-kwestion :)

You did install the phone company's DSL filters on your phone line[s]?
Right after I opened my DSL AT&T Yahoo [sbcglobal] box, I inserted their provided filters into all 3 phone jacks and then plugged my voice-phones into the filters.
If you did that already, then I have no idea what the problem cause is, sorry!
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Re: Pls help, no dial tone(no outgoing/incoming call) for my phone, but Internet wrkng properly.

I have the same problem. I have installed the filters.
Help please. I have a WRT54G router that is working perfectly fine. My PAP2T doesnt have a dial tone
The Registration State is offline. It was at "Cant login to server" before I tried **** 73738# 1. I didnt get a prompt for the password
Tried the power cycles & reboots &I even tried tweaking the SIP and RTP min &max as posted in another thread by delucca1.