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Slingbox and WAG160n

I have a new WAG1600n, and am having a few problems.  Firstly the install software could not find the modem (connected via Ethernet), leaving me to set it up manually.  Got it all working but I am having the following problems:


I have a Slingbox Classic and although it works via the home network whenever I get to the bit in the software for setting up remote viewing the prog just hangs trying to connect to it the box, I will be contacting Slingmedia in the morning but wonder if its a common problem.  I did a full reset of the box and opened the required ports. 


My second problem is with my XP netbook, over the last 2 days I have had problems whrere it is connected to the router but it will not see the internet nor will it connect to the router via the browser at, and it wont respond to pings.  The only way to get it back it is to disable the wireless and re-enable it.


Thirdly on my Vista laptop I had to manually put in the setting to get a connection with the right IP address, else I get limited conectivity (a problem I have read elsewhere here...)


I am wondering if I should return this unit to PCWorld and get a Netgear N300 instead while I still I have read here of some problems.

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Re: Slingbox and WAG160n

forgot to say the problems with connecting on my netbook only started after updating the firmware to the latest....which I did to see if is solved the slingblx issues
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Re: Slingbox and WAG160n

It is advisable to reset the router after upgrading the router's firmware...So reset the router for 45 seconds,power cycle the router and reconfigure it from the scratch.