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Transmission Power on a WAG160N

I am trying to lower the transmission power on my WAG160N. I thought it should be an option in my advanced wireless settings of the web based setup page, however there is only transmission rate, n transmission rate and cts protection mode.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get this sorted?

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Re: Transmission Power on a WAG160N

The rate of data transmission should be set depending on the speed of your wireless network. You can select from a range of transmission speeds, or you can select Auto to have the device automatically use the fastest possible data rate and enable the Auto-Fallback feature. Auto-Fallback will negotiate the best possible connection speed between the device and a wireless client.

CTS (Clear-To-Send) Protection Mode boosts the device's ability to catch all wireless transmissions, but will severely decrease performance. Select Auto if you want the device to use this feature as needed, when the Wireless-N/G products are not able to transmit to the device in an environment with heavy 802.11b traffic.