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WAG160N and an Apple Airport extreme

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I have recently bought an Apple Airport extreme and in order to use the guest account facility I need to disable the DCHP and NAT settings on my WAG160N and allow the extreme to make the settings. Otherwise the extreme is in bridge mode and therefore will not let me create a guest account.

Could someone please tell me which settings I need to change in the WAG160N so that it acts as a modem only and not a router.


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Re: WAG160N and an Apple Airport extreme

Welcome to the Cisco Home Community.

Go to the Web Admin on your browser.

On the WIRELESS tab select Basic Wireless Settings

Select Manual under Wireless Configuration

Under Network Mode, select Disable.


The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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Re: WAG160N and an Apple Airport extreme

Thank you for that, but does that turn off the DCHP allocation too? I'm trying to use the Apple Extreme for DCHP allocation. 

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Re: WAG160N and an Apple Airport extreme

You cannot disable NAT on the WAG unless you switch it to bridge mode, i.e. turn it into a simple modem. You cannot use the wireless on the WAG nor anything else. In bridge mode, you configure the Airport Extreme as main router connecting with PPPoE (or whatever you need with your ISP).

Switch to bridge mode on the main setup page.