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WAG200G Access Restrictions

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I'm trying to set up access restrictions to specify the full url on my WAG200G (firmware 1.00.07). In particular to block a few specific https:// sites without blocking all https://. It it easy with http://  If I try it throws back an error invalid url. Any ideas?

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Re: WAG200G Access Restrictions


To create an Internet Access policy follow the steps one by one:


# Select a number from the Internet Access Policy drop-down menu.

# Enter a Policy Name in the field.

# To enable this policy, select Enable.

# Click Edit List of PCs to select which PCs will be affected by the policy. The List of PCs screen appears. You can select a PC by MAC Address or IP Address. After making your changes, click Save Settings to apply your changes.

# Select the option, Deny or Allow to block the Internet access for the PCs you listed on the List of PCs screen.

#  Provide the full URL


Then check the status. Hope it will help you.


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Re: WAG200G Access Restrictions

You can't block specific https sites. The router does not know which site you are trying to access because it's https and thus encrypted between the client and the server. The router can't read it.
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Re: WAG200G Access Restrictions

Of course !!  Obvious once pointed out. Many thanks.