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WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade

Hi all,

I've just bought this wireless modem/router marked "manufactured 01/2007", so I think it's wise to upgrade its firmware ?


Now, looking in the "download" section of Linksys I found 2 versions newer than my WAG (1.01.04 dated 4/4/07 and 1.01.06 dated 12/17/07), so :

- How to know which firmware version my WAG is currently equipped with ?

- Do I have to upgrade it both versions one after the other, or can I upgrade directly with the newest version (1.01.06) ?


The Linksys available download upgrades are coming under zipped ".img" files : how to deal with ?


Many thanks in advances for your answers,


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Re: WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade

Hi, go to your modem admin...


a) Open Firefox or IE

b) Type

c) type in your router username and password

default user is "admin"default password is "admin" 

d) Look at the top right hand side of the screen , there is a small description that says "firmware version".


You can see which firmware version you are on.


If you wish to upgrade, download the latest firmware in a zip file. Unzip the file to your desktop.


Assuming you are still logged in , go to Administration >> Firmware Upgrade >>

You will reach a screen where they will ask you to direct the location of the new firmware.


Browse until you reach the firmware ( its an img file which you unzipped earlier).


Select upgrade


imho.. just use for your new WAG200G for the time being and read up if the actual firmware upgrade is really required.


its its working fine, leave it be.




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Re: WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade

Hi VC,

Many thanks for your answer.

My WAG's firmware is quite old (1.00.09), but so far working fine... I'll keep it as it is for the time being.

Wishing you an happy new year,

Cheers !


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Re: WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade

Hi! I have update the firmware of my WAG200G from version 1.01.05 to WAG200Gv1-EU-AnnexA-ETSI-ML-1.01.09-code but it still shows 1.01.05 when I access the on my web browser. Any suggestions?
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Re: WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade

i have this problem also. I downloaded and successfully installed firmware 1.01.09, but it still shows Firmware Version: 1.01.05 

on the admin page.


Any ideas? 

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Re: WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade



I have the same problem. Upgrading from 1.01.05 to 1.01.09. Upgrading bar goes to 100% then setup page is opened but firmware version remains 1.01.05.

Tried factory reset, hard reboot, soft reboot, power cut without success.


 Hope someone knows how to solve this.



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Re: WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade

according to helpdesk, ur're suppose to do a hard reset after successfully flashing the firmware.  during the flashing, there should be no interruption, power outage, access to net, etc. 
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Re: WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade

how  do i do a hard reset? is that the same as a hard reboot as i tried that?
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Re: WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade

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Dear Sir,


I was upgrading firmware(1.00.09) of my Linksys modem WAG200G to fw(1.01.090). During upgrade my PC connection lost from modem I wait long time but no connection back. Then I disconnect my modem from power and also hardware reset by pressing reset internal pin. But now I can not connect to my modem by intering IP address Can you please let me know how I can access to modem to rollback firmware or go again for upgrade please?


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Re: WAG200G (FR) firmware upgrade