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WAG200G and videoconference system

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I have connected CeeLab C300 video confernce system to our lan connectet to linksys wag200g. I have forwarded all the ports listed in manual to work without public ip. The problem is that system connect with our branch in other city, sound is great but i have no video on our tv. The other side has an audio and video but using public ip. Is a wag200g compliant to work with videoconferencing system? Support of the Ceelab ask me that Linksys

is capable to NAT the H323 codec for audio & video

  Any ideas? 

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Re: WAG200G and videoconferencing system

In this case you need to let me know what software or application are you using to run the video conferencing at your end. Does it have codec and activeX control add-ons enabled.