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What's the correct classification for the above named product ? Is it an Access Point , a Router , a modem Router , a Bridge , or what ? . Where should i connect the cable connecting it to the internet ?


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Re: WAG200G

WAG200G is a Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway Router. It will only work with DSL ISP, If your ISP is a cable connection, then this router will not work. If you have a DSL connection, you need to connect the Phone line Cable to "Line" port and connect your computers to any Ethernet port, and you need to configure this router as per recommended by your ISP.
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Re: WAG200G


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Re: WAG200G

i want to set my wireless security , not able to do.

every time asking my username, & password, even doing so , it is not accepting

i don't know????

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Re: WAG200G

I wish to reset password of the wireless network for security reason. how do i do it

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Re: WAG200G