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WAG300N: can't properly start after power failure

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After AC power failure I tried to turn on my Linksys WAG300N router, but it don't want to start properly. I will describe how it looks and what I've tried: 


I'm pushing power button, all 4 Ethernet LEDs light simultaneous for about one second, (if there is LAN wire connected, one or more LEDs light continuously) and power LED blinks two times with normal speed. After that, both, power LED and wireless LED, lights simultaneously for about 1-2 seconds,  power diode start to blink fast, after few seconds wireless LED stops light, wireless LED flash again and both LEDs stop lighting. Second later power LED flashing two times with normal speed and process starts again but without Ethernet LED flashing (loop).


I've tried to upload firmware using TFTP, but it doesn't work. Router didn't respond for a ping. After many tests I've noticed that only moment when I can ping router is during these two normal blinks of power LED. I've got 11 timeouts and 1 or 2 response <1ms, 11 timeouts, 1 - 2 responses etc... (response waiting time for a ping - 250ms).


I've tried few ways for resetting router (founded on this forum). It doesn't help, sometimes after resetting I've got problems with power on of router or blinking process stops after few loops (only Ethernet LED lightning or router turns off). At the end of a day all backs to previous looping behavior with power LED and wireless LED flashing.


At the end I've tried Sercomm upgrade utility 2.07 mentioned in this topic:

This software finds router only after reset, when router is in unknown mode, Power LED and Internet LED flashes alternatively.

Software finds device as MAC address and see properly firmware version loaded into memory. Looks like it works and flashing memory. While flashing memory, power LED, Internet LED and Ethernet LED blinking simultaneously very fast. I've tried all available firmware versions but it doesn't help, still have the same behave after flash. 


I think it could be a problem with bootloader, maybe this part of memory is broken, but I don't how to repair it. I've found information about JTAG interface, but I don't know if it will work for WAG300N router and where I can find the file with proper bootloader.


Maybe someone can help and give me the idea what should I do/check. Theoretically I should have 1 year warranty left, but I've lost purchase proof needed for RMA process. I can't find the place in Poland where professionals can help me, so I think have to do it myself with Your help Smiley Happy

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Re: WAG300N: can't properly start after power failure

I think this is the problem with the Power Adapter...You should try a different Power Adapter of the same specification...
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Re: WAG300N: can't properly start after power failure

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Thank you, you are right!! Old power adapter can't give me more than 300mA, thats I've got problems with turn on router and router restarts at point where current rise above 300mA(power adapter voltage drops). Normal work of this router require 550-570mA at 12-12.1V. Thank again!  


EDIT: I've replaced two swollen capacitors and power adaptor works again. (Don't do this at home if you are not professionalist, better buy new one.) 

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Re: WAG300N: can't properly start after power failure

This exact same thing happened to me.  After working flawlessly for over a year, the Linksys WAG300N wouldn't power on.  Just flashed its LEDs and reset over and over.  I figured it was the power supply unit so I swapped it for a spare.  


The original PSU is rated at 300mA (I seem to have loads of 12V PSUs for some reason).  The replacement was rated at 500mA.  This one lasted about two months before doing the same thing.  I swapped it for yet another PSU , this one 550mA which ran incredibly hot for a few hours then failed.  


At this point I decided to order a new DSL Router as I was running low on spare PSUs.  Just doing that was a trial as the router would only operate for a few minutes at a time before resetting.  The wireless side stopped working totally.


I've got the unit running on a 12V, 1000mA supply at present which after ten minutes operation is warm to the touch but not excessively so.  My replacement DSL Router arrives tomorrow.


It seems to me that the WAG300N had a developed a fault that meant it drew more and more current, probably a resistor or capacitor breaking down. Successivley higher rated PSUs gave the unit more current until they topped out and failed.


I can only assume the quality of components aren't up to much. 


Anyone want a slightly used WAG300N ? ! 

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Re: WAG300N: can't properly start after power failure

I think 300mA is on AC side. This gateway require at least 12VDC 550mA current, according to manual required current is 1000mA. Original Power Adapter is rated at 12VDC 1.0A, but can handle peak current 1.5A. 


Power Adapter temperature in my case is 34°C/93.5°F, gateway temperature near Linksys sticker is 30°C/86°F, temperature in room 21°C/70°F. Now my router is in horizontal position on flat surface(good ventilation), I think in vertical position it was warmer, but not hot.

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Re: WAG300N: can't properly start after power failure

Yes, you're right.  Just checked the shipped PSU and it's 1A on the DC side.  I'll see if it behaves now it's on a 1A supply.
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Re: WAG300N: can't properly start after power failure

Same problem, and i fixed changing a capacitator (6.3v 1000uF)

the broken capacitator seems more fat than the others capacitators (easy to see)

check to repair (change) the capacitator, now my reparied router starts normaly (ago to works at least 15 minutes, net adapter works crazy)

after the repair, you must modify the design (mod) the case of router to cool it better


Router WAG300n case open


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Re: WAG300N: can't properly start after power failure

I had problems with response times and I changed the same capacitor (1000uF, 6.3v ), because it was more fat than the normal. Smiley Happy

The new capacitor is of the same capacity but of higher voltage rate (1000uF, 16v ) in order to avoid a new failure.


Now it works fine (no lags) but one major problem remains.

The Downstream Rate is only 8192 kbps instead of 17159 kbps that is the normal capability of my line, mesured with my old but very good WAG354G.

I did a firmware upgrade to the latest (WAG300N-ML-AnnexB-ETSI-1.01.07.img) but no cure.

I am afraid that I may have more broken parts inside, like the capacitor.

Any ideas???


Also I try to connect with my mobile workstation at wireless-n mode but it always connects to g mode.

When I connect the same mobile workstation to my wireless router, I have no problem and I always connect to n mode.

Any ideas how to disable the g mode and leave only the n mode from router?