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WAG320N Issues

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I am in UK.


ISP is Orange @ upto 20Mb service


--- System Information ---
Vendor: Linksys
ModelName: WAG320N
Firmware Version: 1.00.08 , 2009-08-27T19:37:13
Boot Version: 1.06
Hardware Version: 0.01

--- DSL Information ---
DSL Driver Version:  AnnexA version - A2pB023k.d21d
DSL VPI/VCI:         0/38
DSL Status:          Showtime
DSL Mode:            ADSL2+
DSL Channel:        
DSL Upstream Rate:   828 Kbps
DSL Downstream Rate: 6142 Kbps

                      Down         up   
DSL Noise Margin:    10.9 dB      17.4 dB
DSL Attenuation:     43.5 dB      22.7 dB
DSL Transmit Power:  19.5 dBm     12.3 dBm

--- Wireless Information ---
Wireless Driver Version:
Wireless Status: Enabled
Wireless Wide Channel: 9
Wireless Standard Channel: 11- 2.462GHZ
Wireless SSID: ---------




1 x XP pro 32bit with all services packs and updates installed.


1 x Win 7 pro 64bit with all updates installed.


Both systems use Realtek Gigabit onboard NIC (Latest drivers) hardwired with Cat 6


Both use same security software




When the speed on ADSL drops, to snail pace. I power off and power on the Gateway. To decrease line speed and up SNR db. (Worked a treat since Orange took over from Wanadoo!!)


The gateway, will reconnect to ADSL and work fine, if only 1 system is switched on. 


If both systems are on, then gateway fails to reconnect and allow any browser to see websites (Firefox, IE 8 32/64bit and Minefield) or VPN or Email etc


I have to turn off, 1 system and power off gateway, then power gateway on and second system after that. It will then allow normal access to Net.


I did have Network Magic installed, but un-installed in case this was issue, it wasn't.


I did not have this issue with a DGN2000, which is what Linksys/Cisco WAG320N replaced. 


Apart from setting satic IP addresses for both systems, does anyone have any ideas or know if there is a firmware up date that will resolve the issue?








Just tried static IP addresses and there is no where in WAG320N to allow this??? 



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Re: WAG320N Issues

Have you tried to upgrade the firmware of your Router? Try to upgrade the firmware of your Router, then reset your Router and re-configure all the settings on your Router from scratch.
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Re: WAG320N Issues

There is no firmware upgrade.


Have refreshed firmware. 


There are no static address settings.


To be honest, the settings in the WAG320N are very limited, there is not even a connection status page. (But it is there, hidden.......


I am very disappointed by this product. Especially considering the UK price, yet another brand Gateway have the price. Has better connection and advanced features.


And none of this DHCP issue. You cannot set static addresses, full stop with the firmware the WAG320N has at present.


Another issue,has come to light as well. Distance from telephone exchange...... I am on 3Km / 1.5 Miles (Yes, UK has poor infrastructure telecoms wise for ADSL) The connection speed is alot lower and timeouts are common.


Is there a BETA firmware out there for WAG320N?


Is there a firmware release in pipeline, within next 2 weeks?


This has to be the worst Linksys/Cisco product I have ever owned or worked with.


It's not all bad, though.... good point Gigabyte ports.........


Look forward to reply or providing further info as required. (Screen shots as well)





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Re: WAG320N Issues



Is this a end user helps end user forum? Or a official Linksys/Cisco support forum?


Seriously..... this is very poor customer support

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Re: WAG320N Issues

All solved.


Sent WAG320N back, as unfit for use. 


This was after speaking to Tech Support via Live Chat, who said they would esculate................ nothing.


Shame, that Cisco/Linksys could not release even a beta firmware upgrade, to at least try and resolve issue.

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Re: WAG320N Issues

Linksys this is attn to you!!!!!


Many  networkers claim Cisco/ linksys, is not a micky mouse product untill they met the Wag320N ADSL router.

This beast is known as a time consumer, I  spend many hours to get it right and still drop its ADSL connection

after a couple of hours (10-15 hours).

Many issues I red in this forum about this subject and there is still no answer from Cisco/Linksys yet.

I've tried several combinations but no luck.Couldn't be the heat problem because after a hard boot by switching the

modem off/on it will be reconnected again.the dsl line is no issue because it's still connected even the ADSL is disconnected.

Also the modem can be reached.


After de ADSL is disconect follows the Wan and the modem will not boot by is selves.


The question to Linksys is Why disconnect the WAG 320N de ADSL line without a reason?, is it that because mybe there is

no activty and he's sleeping?or in coma?


Linksys do someting because if you claim you're the best, you have to solve this problem and don't put your head in the

silicone, but solve this by another firmware.


Angy bird