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Re: WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients.

samnangrik wrote:

how to reset linksys cisco while i fargot password?




OR you can try this...

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Re: WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients.

workaround solution :  change KeyRenewal from 3600 second to 86400



i found 2 major bug with WAG120N wireless part( and it seems other similar product also have these problem) 


problem 1:  

wireless machines sometimes can not see each other  specially after 1 hour of connecting to AP.

wired machine can not see (and cannot ping) wireless machine

but wireless machine always can see wired machine and can see internet. 

all other part like switch and internet   work great .

in wired machine , if i clear ARP cache (>> arp -d * ) , unable to resolve ip of wireless machine after an hour.

in general LAN cannot ping WLAN after short time of connecting  Wireless to AP.

this issue cause serious problem if you want to share a wireless machine with other wired or wireless machine.


solution for 1: 

it seems that is related to "AP isolation" but it is disabled by default you can enable and disable it  but after an hour the problem appears again. you then try to change Key renewal value from 3600 to 86400.

there is a bug in device software that when device change  key , broadcast packet not propagate to Wireless machine any more,and thus ARP request not broadcast to wireless part and cause above problem. changing  this value from 1 hour to 24 hour , make problem very rare to occur.




problem 2:

wireless connectivity sometimes unstable and sometimes not.

speed of wireless connection sometimes  change automatically from 54 mbps to 24 , 36 , 11 , ... even if i stand near the AP.

sometimes wireless connection speed is very low and sometimes not. 



 solution 2:

leave device always ON after configure device.

or each time you turn it ON , go to configuration page/wireless tab and click SAVE.

there is a bug with BOOT

when device turned  off for more than a few hours , after turn it on , wireless access point not boot properly (sometimes)

, maybe the configuration setting not apply at boot , and setting you see in configuration page not synchronized in the device.

you can workaround  this problem by leaving device always ON or each time to turn it on , go to setting page ( )

wireless tab and click save to apply setting. the  device reset automatically after you click SAVE button and work good until you turn it off again.




hope this helpful , i search a lot to find these solution for my WAG120N


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Re: WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients.

AP Isolation didn't help me finally, but I searched through the Internet and found a solution at one of Belarussian forums :-)

The reality in my case is that the feature QoS is working as a bug. :-)

When it is turned on my wireless devices cannot ping anything in my LAN they just access the Internet. As soon as I turn QoS feature off, everything is working just perfect.


So this is another bug for the new firmware release. Hopefuly we will see it in the future...

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Re: WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients.

Incorrect  AP Isolation was the reason I weren't able to connect properly my Canon Mp495 Wireless printer... I've been fiddling around quite a lot and even Cisco support personnel couldn't help.

Thank you Aergan for sharing your solution.


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Re: WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients.

Thanks, turning off QoS fixed the problem perfectly! :smileyhappy:

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Re: WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients.

Thanks Tonyciuffo, that was my problem as well. I spent hours trying to work out why only my laptop wired to the router would connect to my Diskstation. It was the QoS I had given it that completely prevented me from using it!

Thanks again.

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Re: WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients.

Ok, I had the same issue, turning off QoS fix the problem... but i NEED QoS, this is not a real solution.

In my case all wireless client are isolated, no one can reach others... file sharing, http, etc between wlan clients don't work.

AP isolation is disabled btw.

I use QoS just to limit one single WLAN client, using his MAC address.

I'm using default firmware version.


Enabling QoS should not isolate wireless clients, Cisco should fix such a issue. One router can not clain supporting QoS... but disabling LAN traffic between clients if it's enabled.

Maybe there's some workaround or firmware patch  that address this issue...

Am I missing something? How can someone use QoS if it totally disable LAN traffic?


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Re: WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients.

This seems to be a bug on the router’s firmware. Try the simplest troubleshooting step which is the firmware upgrade/reflash then reset the router afterwards. If in case that this will not improve the router’s performance, then a new firmware update is needed to fix this. Hopefully that update will still be released soon.