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WAG320N Multiple Routers

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I have a situation where i am looking at using 3 WAG320N routers.


I have a house that is 50sq in size. I am looking to setup one WAG320N in the study with the ADSL connection and setup wireless.  


Can i then hardwire a second WAG320N in the back bedroom and set it up with the same Wireless network so they can move seamlessly through the house?    I will of course disable DHCP, but can it act in repeater mode? 


I will then have a wire from the 2nd router to a wireless P2P link to a shed located 200 meters away, with a 3rd Router in the shed that i can have hard wired ports as well as wireless?


Can someone confirm if this can be achieved with WAG320N??





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Re: WAG320N Multiple Routers

1. Unless you already have those three WAGs I would highly recommend to get two standard access points instead of two additional WAGs. The WAG320N is modem/router/switch/access point combo device. What you are doing is using the 2nd and 3rd as simple access point and switch. There is little point buying two more modems and routers if you don't want to use them as modem or router anyway. Costs more plus there is more hardware inside which may fail. Get a simple access point like the WAP610N and standard ethernet switches for the wiring.

2. As long as all 3 WAGs are wired together none of them is acting in "repeater mode". All three are separate access points. You can set up a WAG as simple access point/switch if you connect them through by a LAN-LAN port connection. You have to assign non-conflicting LAN IP addresses, e.g.,, and switch off the DHCP server on the 2nd and 3rd. You can then use all three access points and all remaining switch ports on all three WAGs. (In your case the dedicated wireless P2P link is another "wired" connection from the perspective of the other networked devices).

3. With this setup you can create a wireless roaming network by setting all three to identical wireless settings, i.e. identical SSID, wireless security, encryption, passphrase. You should only assign different channels to avoid interference and make sure the SSID broadcast is enabled on all.
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Re: WAG320N Multiple Routers

Thanks for the reply. 


I have now found the Cisco AP's so i will be taking that route with two AP's and a switch to handle the wired ports in the shed.


I understand the  seperation of IP's and ill make sure i do change channels for each AP. 


thanks for the quick reply, its just what i needed.




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Re: WAG320N Multiple Routers

Hi, have bought a WAG320N and works perfectly in the basement to pc running windows and wii, but the signal doesn´t seem to reach that well to 1st and 2nd foors. also bought WAP610N to boost signal to my macbook but this didn´t work. Have considered buying another modem and attaching to same telephone line to be able to make macbook work.


Any ideas?



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Re: WAG320N Multiple Routers

that WAP610N that you bought should be connected to the WAG using an ethernet cable. is that what you did?