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WAG320N and Multiple Access Points

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I have a flat that is about 500Sq meters in size and multiple rooms. I am looking to setup one WAG320N in the library with the ADSL connection and setup wireless.  

Can I then wireless a WAP610 or another AP in the living room and in the dinner room and in one bedroom and set it up with the same Wireless network so they can move seamlessly through the flat? Can they act in repeater mode?

Or anyone could tell me which Modem Gateway and Access Point or Repeater can do it.


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Re: WAG320N and Multiple Access Points

You don't want an access point but a repeater. The WAP610N is not a repeater and cannot be configured as repeater. The WAP610N must be connected through a wired connection.

As repeater have a heavy bandwidth penalty I would highly recommend to run wires or to use power line ethernet to connect additional access points to the main network. That's far better.
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Re: WAG320N and Multiple Access Points

^right. get a WAP610N (just one), put it on the other end of your flat, then run a wire from your WAG to the AP. then do a trial and error check if there's a dead spot on your area.