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Is the WAG354G compatible with Xbox live connected via an ethernet cable?

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Re: WAG354G

i don't have an xbox, but looking at the datasheet for the router, i don't see why it wouldn't work.  assuming the router is configured correctly, or more appropriately, the xbox is configured correctly.  couldn't tell from your post if you we're having an actual problem of if this was just an FYI type of question.
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Re: WAG354G

From new the WAG354G I had didn't appear to work with my XBox 360 which is using the latest Xbox 360 dashboard (as of 8/1/09). I knew there was a problem wih the router (rather than the Xbox 360's configuration) because I use the same Xbox attached to another router, a NetGear, without issue. The Xbox 360 is directly wired into the router (not wireless) via some Devolo Homeplug adapters.


The original Router's firmware on my version one WAG354G was 11.01.03 which casused the Xbox 360 to report there was a problem with my NAT settings when attempting to connect to XBox Live (there wasn't). I've now upgraded to the latest LinkSYS firmware (11.01.11) after which the Xbox 360 then connected to XBox live without issue.