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I have now had four of these boxes, and pleased with all of them until they fall over and have to go back to Germany for repair/replacement! This takes about 3 - 6 weeks and as a result no wireless network in the house and everyone clamouring for my PC. Question - The box seems to be suffering intermittent problem indicating it's on it's way out. I have upgraded firmware to 1.01.58, but no improvement. Laptop only 10 feet away can't connect very well now, and I keep on having to log out and log in again on AOL. Any suggestions for tests to confirm a dwindling box or other avenue to explore before I visit Germany and hand the box back - AGAIN!!
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Re: WAG354g

It happens wirelessly only or even wired connection drops. If only wirelessly then try changing wireless channel of network. Try tweaking advanced wireless settings: change beacon interval to 50, fragmentation threshold to 2306, and RTS threshold to 2307, DTIM to 2