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WAG54G lastest firmware


I want to know where can I have the lastest version of the firmware for my WAG54G ver.2 ADSL gateway.

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Re: WAG54G lastest firmware

click here to find the latest firmware for wag54g v2
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Re: WAG54G lastest firmware

I am a little confused. I have version V1 02.00 which was downloaded about 6 months ago while I was on an extended phone call with a Linksys advisor as I was having constant problems maintaining my wireless connection. I was checking today again to see if there is any new upgrade as once again I am experiencing about a 25% success rate (that is 75% failure rate !) in keeping my wireless connection long enough to actually get onto the internet.
a) why do I appear to have a version of firmware which is 'higher' than the one you are quoting
b) why when I select upgrade for Wag54G no firmware is highlighted
c) why do I have such an appalling record of connecting my laptop wirelessly to the internet via the Wag54G router. Is it Linksys which is unreliable ?
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Re: WAG54G lastest firmware

I want to instal the latest version of firmware for WAG54G.



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Re: WAG54G lastest firmware

Go here. Make sure to install the firmware the same as the version of your router.

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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Re: WAG54G lastest firmware