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WAG54GS - How to change upstream speed?

Hi, I'm using an RFC 1483 Bridged adsl connection on a WAG54GS router. Downstream rate says 2043 Kbps, and upstream rate only 35 Kbps. In the router setup page I have not found any place to change dwonstream/upstream rates. How can I increase the upstream rate?



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Re: WAG54GS - How to change upstream speed?

I don't think there is any option on this router to change the downstream or upstream rate.

On newer model of WAG gateways there is an option under QoS settings to set the Internet Bandwidth.

Try another modem and check the upstream speed with other modem.


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Re: WAG54GS - How to change upstream speed?

The downstream/upstream speeds are measured depending on the signal quality in either direction. You can't configure that speed. If you have a bad signal you see bad rates. Check the splitter and your telephone line. It may be necessary to contact your ISP or your phone company to check the line.