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WAG54GX2 - Constant disconnects

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Short version of my problems goes as follows

We had bulldog installed last year, roughly november time

All worked Aok, no problems, worked right up until we had the 16mb upgrade done

Ever since then, the broadband intermittently disconnects and reconnects

It does this several times a day, sometimes two/three times in the space of 2/3 minutes

Bulldog did a few line tests, results were

1) Line is perfect, must be your equipment
2) There's some resistance on the line, but no line noise

I Replaced the microfilter, with a BT certified one and another one, same problem
Replaced the DSL cable for a shielded, high quality one, same problem

Eventually BT came out, did some tests, they saw the resistance to, the engineer said it was because of rubbish shielding/insulation on the cables in the CAB
That was fixed, same problems exist

For instance, so far today, it's cut off 4 times in the space of 10 minutes

The router (Linksys, WAG54GX2) is the only thing connected to the master socket, there is no phone, or extension cable.

Can anyone suggest anything?

I assume it's the router, because the line is perfect, pretty much
The BT engineer said it was noise free and no visible resistance

I'm running the 10.0.9 firmware

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Re: WAG54GX2 - Constant disconnects

Well sice your are using DSL make sure your interconection type on the router is PPPoE and you have selected keep alive with redial period 20 seconds. Also reduced the MTU to 1400. You can also try upgrading the firmware on the router
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Re: WAG54GX2 - Constant disconnects

Nah i've allready upgraded the router's firmware to the latest version
I'm using an Adsl connection, which is PPPOA

According to the linksys technicial I emailed, the router isn't compatible with I have to ask, why is there an option for ADSL2+ in the encapsulation/modulation menu?
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Re: WAG54GX2 - Constant disconnects

I had this problem and pinpointed it to the wireless functionality of this device. I did a hard reset, then reconfigured the device but kept the wireless disabled. I use a seperate wireless router plugged into it for wireless access. All seems to be well now.
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Re: WAG54GX2 - Constant disconnects

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I had this problem (wireless connectivity issue) on the WAG54GX2, after investigation, I've discovered a mistake in the default configuration (Advanced Wireless settings page), you have to set the RTS Threshold to 2347 value instead of the default value proposed (2346).

After doing this, you should get a normal wireless connectivity.

Please let me know about your Feedback.


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