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WAG54GX2 - problem recognising ISP

My objective is to set up a wireless connection to enable me to move a PC from downstairs to upstairs, where there is no telephone access point.

I have purchased a Linksys WAG54GX2 ADSL Gateway and Linsksys WUSB54GS adapter to enable me to achieve this objective, and can get the two pieces of equipment to communicate with one another, but not recognise my ISP, which is Plusnet.

Using the installation CD that comes with the WAG54GX2, I am able to input the settings that apply to my Plusnet account:

VPI = 0, VCI = 38, PPPoA, VC Multiplexed

but when the Gateway trys to detect my ISP I get the following error message:

“Unable to detect the internet connection.  Please go to the advanced settings page and check your internet connection type.”

As a non-technical person, this is where I’m getting confused.  I’ve adjusted Internet Explorer settings so that they don’t default to a dial-up connection.  Other than that, I’m not sure what needs doing to get my ISP settings recognised.  I should explain that I use Mozilla as my preferred browser.

I’ve therefore been unable to get to the point where I am required to access the web-based utility by inputting the Gateway’s default IP address into the browser.

The Linksys user guide, and ISP advice, both suggest that a dynamic IP setting should allow the adapter to communicate with the Gateway.  I receive a “limited or no connectivity” error message when I use this setting, but no such error message if I use a static IP address with the adapter.  Pinging does not generate a reply, which indicates that the PC is not communicating with the Gateway.  I’m reasonably confident that all cables are correctly inserted.

After reading advice offered to others, I disabled security settings in both the Gateway and adapter, and disabled my software firewall, Kerio.

Can anyone suggest something further I could try to get my ISP recognised by the Gateway;  and suggest a reason why “Obtain an IP address automatically” does not result in the adapter communicating with the Gateway?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: WAG54GX2 - problem recognising ISP

firstly you will need to change a few advance wireless settings on the WAG....under the advanced wireless settings....reduce the beacon to 50, reduce the RTS and fragmentation by 40 each.....
also download the following fix from microsoft for the "limited or no connectivity" error
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Re: WAG54GX2 - problem recognising ISP

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately, downloading the XP patch hasn't resulted in a successful connection using a dynamic IP setting, and I'm unable to test the advanced wireless settings you suggest because I can't get into the web-based utility page when I enter the Gateway's default ( into my browser.

Any other suggestions?
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Re: WAG54GX2 - problem recognising ISP

what is the  error msg when connecting to ?
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Re: WAG54GX2 - problem recognising ISP

I'm now able to access the WAG54GX2 configuration pages by entering to my browser.  That has enabled me to set the DHCP server to issue a range of IP addresses ( to  The part of the gateway's status page that relates to LAN settings confirms this.

I'm confident that the LAN is set to obtain an IP address and DNS address automatically.

When I ping (the default address for the gateway) I am now getting replies, which wasn't the case previously. 

However, I still don't have a wired internet connection (red light still showing on the gateway front panel), and I realise that I need to get over this hurdle before attempting a wireless internet connection.  I've uninstalled the Linksys USB wireless adapter until I get the wired connection sorted out.

The gateway's status page is not showing any ISP IP and DNS address information, and I don't know what to try next to get the gateway to detect this information. Any further ideas?
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Re: WAG54GX2 - problem recognising ISP

Thanks to everyone who tried to help with this problem.

The advice on my ISP website (Plusnet) suggested that I should be entering whereas I had previously been using

Reverting to the original format, plus some adjustments to the 'trusted area' in my software firewall (Kerio) to allow a range of IP addresses, enabled the gateway to connnect to my ISP, and the wirelss adapter connection was straightforward thereafter.