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WCG200 + Turn off modem


I purchased the WCG200 without knowing that it had a cable modem component. I was really just looking to purchase a wireless router. Is there anyway I can deactivate the modem part or just use the WCG200 like a router? I don't see an port for the cable modem and the ports don't seem to be auto-sensing.

I need to use my Motorola Cable Modem because I have VOIP.
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Re: WCG200 + Turn off modem

hi....unfortunately what u wanna do is not possible....the motorola modem has to be connected to the router....The WCG does not have an "internet" port to connect the modem to ....if u decide to connect the one of the LAN ports of the WCG , u will need to get IP address from the ISP for every device in your network....(expensive)....i'd suggest that u return this device and get a router instead....
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Re: WCG200 + Turn off modem

Actually, it is not only possible, I am writing this while wirelessly connected this way: WCG200 -> Pix 501 firewall -> Motorola Surfboard Modem -> Internet. I ran a crossover cable from my PIX to the WCG200. Let me know if need help making it work.
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Re: WCG200 + Turn off modem

Is there a way to do this without the PIX?