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WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

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I have been having trouble with my WCG200 (version 1) connectivity.  It seems that nearly every night around midnight (but sometimes it occurs's just that midnight is the most common time that this occurs), I lose internet connectivity and the only way I have found to resolve it is to run upstairs to turn the box off for 15 seconds and then back on.  Sometimes I need to do this step twice before Iam able to connect to the internet again. 


I have called both Cox Communications in Omaha, NE as well as Linksys and each company puts the blame on the other and in the end neither company has helped me.  Inside my home, I am able to use the wireless aspect to remain connected to the other computers in my house, but I can't connect to the internet until I turn off the WCG200 and turn it back on.  Cox even tried to tell me the equipment is bad and that I should replace it, but I really like the idea of the all-in-one cable modem/router and it is hard to find another manufacturer or model unless I buy a new WCG200 version 2.  But I also really don't want to put out the expense only to discover that the box itself was not the problem.  I find it hard to believe that if it's a hardware problem, the box itself (or at least the cable modem hardware portion of the box) mysteriously knows that it should fail nearly every night around midnight.


I run various Vista versions on all of my computers.  The desktop that is directly connected to the WCG200 is Vista Home Premium 32-bit.  The computer that I use most frequently is a laptop running Vista Home Premium 64-bit, but I also have a laptop with Vista Home Premium 32-bit and another desktop running Vista Buisness 32-bit.  All 4 computers experience the internet loss at the same time, but yet they are still able to connect to each other during that time.  My WGC200 firmware version shows as  Cox has sent "signals" to the box and they have sent a repairman to my house to check the wiring, but the problem remains.  I am really getting tired of running upstairs to turn off the box once or more times nearly every day.


I hope that I have provided all of the impartant specs, but if not, please tell me and I will happily provide them.


I would like to know what others this a hardware problem, a firmware problem, an ISP problem, a wiring problem, a combination, or something else entirely?


Who should I speak with to resolve it (Linksys, Cox)?  What should I ask them for?


Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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Re: WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

As you have mentioned in your post that every night you face the Connectivity problem with your Camera. Are you facing the same problem with your Comptuers also,when your camera gets disconnected from the router, is your computer are also getting disconnected from the Router, If yes then i think it might be the problem with the Router itself as its lossing the Internet Connectivity. May be you can check with your Router provider and try to upgrade the firmware of your Router and check if that solve the problem or not.
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Re: WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

Thanks for trying to help, but I am confused....I never mentioned a camera.  Did I post in the wrong area?  The WCG200 is a Linksys cable gateway, not a camera.  There is no camera involved, only computers that are losing their internet connectivity nearly every night at around midnight.  A cable gateway is one unit with a router and a cable modem all rolled into one box.  The "router provider" would be linksys since I purcahsed it myself (not through Cox Cable) and as I mentioned, they tell me to call Cox and Cox tells me to call Linksys.  I am trying to find out if there is a way to determine if the unit is faulty and needs replacement or if Cox ot Linksys need to help me further.
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Re: WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

Call to your Internet Service Provider and upgrade your Router's firmware and check if it resolve your problem or not...?

After upgrading the firmware...if problems remains same then i belive you need to replace the unit. 

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Re: WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

Does anyone know what firmware version I should be using?
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Re: WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

Your Internet Service Provider person will be in a better position to give information about the firmware of WCG200
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Re: WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

okie, well... after Googling and reading through these forums about the WCG200, as I was having the same problems with it, I believe it may have been resolved.


I started using the WCG200 v2 two days ago and experienced the WAN connection being dropped every couple hours or so, and while under load (wireless/wired).


Firmware version loaded on it out of the box was x.x.x.10.xx-0425 (sorry, can't remember the whole thing, just the last few digits or so)


ISP is Cox Comm. Called them several times, lvl 1 techs couldn't help... so, I tried to RMA to Linksys.


Now, this is where it got interesting.


The Linksys lvl 1 tech transfers me to their lvl 2 tech, which then forwarded my incident/case to their parent company's HQ - CISCO


I was told to expect a call within 24 to 48 hours to ascertain whether my particular WCG200 v2 was indeed defective and needs to be RMA'd.


About a half hour later, I get a call from CISCO (a lvl 4 tech iirc); he asks who my ISP is and what the lights on the cable gateway do when it loses connection... i tell him Cox and the DS light just flashes.


Voila! he says, "You got the bug", which he later explained that the device is being "overwhelmed" by Cox's "implementation" of a cable network... the fix ??


The correct firmware version. He says my ISP has it and opens up a conference call to Cox's tier 2 techs in California (or Virginia - whichever one he called up).


I wasn't surprised when the Cox technician haven't even heard about the WCG200 "issue", as according to the Linksys lvl 2 tech i spoke with, there is a product alert issued out by Linksys on this device. anyhows...


As the CISCO tech enlightens him of the situation (and, that some Cox customers and others in the South/Southwestern US are going to call them about the same issue), the Cox technician begins the process of "Pushing" the firmware out to the cable gateway - WCG200 v2.


Firmware Version:


Afterwards, go in, Administration tab, Advanced, and do a Reset to Factory Defaults for the firmware to take effect.


Note, this conference call took about 30 mins long; CISCO guy told me i had to talk to the right persons of my ISP and he's done conference calls for this particular device for customers before. I told him to just tell me what firmware version to ask for and i can call them up myself, but he was nice enough and insisted we get it taken care of right then, so i said ok... i mean, i wouldn't have known all the mumbo jumbo they exchanged about the "issue" just to get to the appropriate lvl tech that could rectify the situation. anyhows, he got us there...


...and here i am now; no reboots or lost WAN connections so far, albeit it's only been 5 and a half hours.


About 10 mins after i got off the phone and the WCG200 is up and running, i decided to test it - after configuring it, of course.


So, i fire up Vista's version of NetStumbler, "Vistumbler",  and clicked "Scan APs" then it just continously scans for AP signals around the neighborhood.


and guess what, i hit the p0rn sites... yes, i did... started downloading (now, whether i watched it afterwards or not...) just to see if the load would overwhelm it and cause a reboot or lost internet connection.


i also fired up my PS3 (hardwired to one of the ethernet ports), and started streaming media to it wirelessly (my desktop is wirelessly connected to the cable gateway) using TVersity...


All's well.

It did not reboot for the love of God.

It didn't lose the WAN connection from the ISP side of things either.


Now, as i said before, in my case, it would reboot every hour or so... and it's only been over 5 hours since. YMMV


I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.

Will keep testing (hehe)


Hopefully this is THE FIX for this.

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Re: WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

I know I need that firmware, but the Comcast people said they don't have any firmware or heard of it....  maybe your ISP (Cox) is better. Linksys could've simply put the firmware on the website, but instead when I called them, they either say "this product is no longer supported" or "we can take over remotely and check things for you. There is a charge of $9.95....".  


I finally got thru to someone who thinks something is indeed wrong with my unit.  I'm now in RMA and hope the new refurb unit they will send to me has the new firmware version.   What a piece of xxxx.   I will never buy anything made by Linksys again.

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Re: WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

Well, after probably 7 months since I started this thread, I finally got somewhere with Cox (I think).  I called up and spoke with the first rep who basically told me that I needed a new unit.  Then I asked about the firmware.  He insisted (politely) that there was no newer firmware for my unit (I have version 1), but at least he willingly forwarded my call when I asked if I could double check with Level 2 support.  Level 2 was nice but at first tried to tell me that I had the most current firmware for Version 1.  Then, he found a firware update that didn't specify whether it was for version 1 or version 2 so he said he'd give it a try and see if it was rejected.  I think he said it was rejected but he tried it again.  Before the call was over, he told me that it definitely hadn't worked, but before I went to bed, I checked it and I now show firmware version (it was1. .  It has now been more than a week (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc.) and I haven't lost a connection yet.  Now that I have been upgraded to a newer firmware, if I have problems again, I will feel safer putting out money for a new unit instead of fighting with Cox about the firmware on this unit.  I hope this (albeit vague) info refarding firmware that doesn't specify the WCG200 version will help someone else.  Good luck everyone!
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Re: WCG200 internet connectivity loss nearly every night at midnight

Q#1: I'm having the problem of not being able to get the software updated by Cox; they tried but the WCG200 'refused' so - do I need to have WCG200 reset to the factory defaults before Cox pushes the update?  As in - my WCG200 refused because of password and other configuration changes I'd made for security purposes...


Q#2: How do I get the local network duration time, for each resource (wireless computers or printer), of 1.0 hour (60 minutes total, each) reset to at least the length of the current 1.0 day duration of the WCG200 before Cox reboots this sucker, ahem, I mean, refreshes the DHCP lease?


Thanks...appreciate any feedback (but hope it is not from the 'camera' person...<jeesh>)